A Rescue That Can Work When All Others Have Failed

I have long believed that rising medical costs in America are caused by the pharmaceutical industry, health insurance companies, medical practitioners and the AMA.

That opinion was confirmed and then some when I read Dr. Fred Hollingsworth new book, “Dr. Fred’s Health Care Rescue: The Real Solution to Health Care. ” We already know how the pharmaceutical companies inflate prices beyond reason for unreasonable profits.

Hollingsworth also tells us how doctors contributing to rising prices by ordering several unnecessary expensive tests, prescribe unnecessary expensive drugs, and perform costly surgeries when Hollingsworth writes with conviction and truth when he describes the Great Healthcare War against forces that can provide better, safer more effective treatment at far less cost, including the Alternative Health Movement, Orthomolecular Medicine, and Complementary Medicine among others. He smashes myths about ill health and early aging, and details the lack of fair competition caused by repressed freedom. He issues a ringing, clear call for patients to launch a fight for their medical freedom.

The author summarizes the need for this fight in the book when he writes “Results of repressed freedom and unfair competition in the health care field include high costs of health care from inflated costs of drugs, high fees of some physicians, and high hospital and other bills which are sometimes padded fraudulently because the patient is not paying bill directly.”

Almost all health reform efforts in America have not succeeded because they have not enrolled patients in the effort. Fred Hollingswoth’s call for patients to challenge lawmakers to do what is right and needed makes a whole lot of sense. In fact, it makes so much sense I believe all patients should read “Dr. Fred’s Health Care Rescue.”