What’s So Important About Brain Health?

The importance of keeping your brain healthy

Your brain is one of the most important organs in your body. It controls your entire biological system, and without having a healthy brain, you may find yourself with a poor quality of life in your elderly years. Of course, most people understand the importance of the brain, but what has changed in recent years is the information researchers have uncovered about the brain and how individuals can take action to keep it healthy. Just like muscles in your body can benefit from nutrition and exercise, so too can your brain benefit from nutrition and exercise.

The importance of keeping your brain healthy

There are many health issues directly related to brain function. The obvious ones are those that people observe with an elderly relative or parent. The onset of Alzheimer’s or others forms of dementia are prevalent today. Even when a specific form of memory or mental condition is not diagnosed, the majority of people will lose their mental alertness with age. A small loss of cognitive ability can bring about a lower quality of life.

The good news is that some of this mental deterioration can be prevented and in some cases reversed. Although medical researchers are still learning about the root causes of mental disease, they have discovered factors that contribute to it, and the surprising finding has been that people of all ages can benefit from activities that help keep the brain functioning in a healthy way.

Improving your brain health with nutrition

Just as nutrition is important to the rest of the body, it is just as important to the brain. There are certain aspects of the human diet that may be more important than others for the brain, but right now, research indicates the fundamental importance is a balanced diet. Researchers have understood the importance of nutrition for early brain development for a long time, but now it is understood that nutrition plays an important role in brain function throughout a person’s life.

Improving your brain health with exercise

The brain needs oxygen, and the best way to do this is with exercise. However, there are many scientists who believe it is not necessary to engage in strenuous exercise. A good walk in the fresh air can be just as beneficial to your circulation.

Improving your brain health with less stress

There is strong data that correlates high blood pressure with damage to the brain. This is especially true with people in their middle ages. Live a more stress free life and if necessary help control blood pressure with medication.

Improving your brain health with mental stimulation

There has been a lot of research in the last few years that correlates using your brain with less degeneration in the latter years of life. Even those who have suffered from a form of dementia have had their mental faculties deteriorate less than those who have not had daily stimulation. This mental stimulation can be something as simple as reading the newspaper everyday instead of watching television. Your brain must be used actively and not passively as is the case with television. Solving crossword puzzles is another example of a daily mental activity.