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Investing Like a Shark – How Individual Investors Can Uncover a Boundless Sea of Profits

Shark Investing is the ideal approach to the market for the average individual investor. It is a style that seeks to capitalize on the many unique attributes and advantages possessed by the smaller investor. Shark investors know that it is futile to try to compete directly against the Whales of Wall Street. There is no way the little guy will out gun a multi-billion dollar investing giant by investing in the same manner that they do. Small investors have to find ways to use their small size, quickness and aggressiveness to outmaneuver and outrun the big slow moving funds and institutions.

The vast majority of investors have been brainwashed by traditional Wall Street into thinking that it is just plain foolish to approach the market in any manner other than the way a mutual fund or pension plan might. The logic goes that it has worked for them since the inception of the stock market so it should work for you equally well. The truth is that in most cases traditional investment advice doesn’t even work that well for the big funds. The vast majority of funds never consistently beat the major indices but the belief is still widely held that it is best approach for everyone.

Unfortunately the Whales of Wall Street really have no choice but to invest like whales. They are limited stylistically due to their size and the way that Wall Street works. The problem is that they keep trying to justify what they do by telling the rest of us that it is the best and most profitable style of investing. Maybe it is for them but not for the average individual.

What is even worse is that traditional Wall Street doesn’t just stop there with their propaganda. They go even further and try to influence us into thinking that not only is their way the best way to invest but that we should simply turn our money over to the big funds and brokers and let them invest for us. They are the ‘professionals’ so why beat our head against the wall trying to do the same thing. They use an investing style that is well suited for them and they will be better at it than we will ever be anyway, so why not just give them our cash and stop wasting our time competing against them?

If the only way to invest in the market was the way that a mutual fund invests or our financial advisors advise, they might have a valid point. But, it is not the only way to invest and it certainly is not the best way for the small investor who is investing his own funds.

The best approach for the average investor, who is managing his own money, is to invest like a shark. In a nutshell that means moving quickly, aggressively and running for safety at the first sign of trouble. It means looking at the market in a very different way than the big institutions and traditional brokers, and it means being in control and not being pushed around by powerful forces that the small investor has no control over anyway.

Most individual investors never will understand how lucrative and safe it is to be a quick, aggressive fast moving shark in an environment that is dominated by huge slow moving whales. However for those who are willing to embrace their inherent advantages by becoming Shark Investors the stock market offers a boundless sea of profits.