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Pet Groomers – How to Build Your Business Online

Pet owners turn to the Internet for information. Before they check the yellow pages or their local paper, they’re doing quick online searches to find the pet services they’re looking for. Are you there?

As a pet grooming professional, you need to be online and actively advertising to prospective clients in your area. In this article we’ll cover the best online places to advertise your products and services, how you can build a free web space, the power or online communities and how you can use forum and review sites to really push your pet grooming business. Keep reading to learn more.

How Online Directories Can Promote Your Grooming Business:

Online Directories and pet classifieds’ sites are great because they allow you to focus directly on your potential customers, instead of wasting advertising dollars in a generic newspaper. There are websites that let you post online classifieds about your business and get you connected directly to pet-owners.

By advertising on a site that provides heaps of pet-related concerns and information about other pet-related services like pet boarding, training, veterinarians, you’re tapping directly into your target market. Most of these sites also allow you to build a small profile page, thus creating a web space that you can promote to clients, showcase your latest grooming work and use to connect with potential customers.

How Social Networking Sites Can Grow a Grooming Business:

Joining social networking websites like MySpace, Facebook, Multiply or Bebo will work wonders to promote your services. These networks increase their membership by the thousands everyday and many offer localized networks that allow you to connect with people in your geographic area.

Social networking sites are a great way of building referral business. Keep your online profile focused on your business and always try to make “friends” with your customers online. Once their family and friends see your profile, notice that you’re a dog groomer and then make the connection, you could have a surge of business. Remember to keep your profile lively with photos from your grooming portfolio.

How Participating in Forum Discussions will build Your Business:

Engaging in live discussions and forums gives you a chance to reach out and introduce yourself and your business to potential customers. By posting on forums, you will position yourself as an expert and make direct personal contact with new clients.

Focus your efforts on localized forums or pet-specific forums, where you’re more likely to make contact with potential clients.