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Racquet Sports Wii Game by Ubisoft

Recently Ubisof announced in a press release that they will launching a new game under the name of Racquet Sports Wii game. The game is for those families who like to play different kinds of video games together. The game will allow all the family members to take part in the game. There are total five different games in Racquet Sports Wii game. All the games are the products of Wii(TM). You can choose from any of the five games namely Tennis, Ping Pong, Badminton, Squash and Beach Tennis.

The games have been set in some of the most beautiful locations of the world so their journey of going all the way to the finals becomes more interesting. You can play in New York Loft, an Underwater Reef, A Fan Filled Stadium or a Moroccan Palace.The scenery’s have been made beautiful through 40 rich graphical effects.

The controls of the games are pretty simple making it easy for the participants to understand the game rather quickly. For more precision you can buy Wii Motion Plus. They even have levels of difficulty. The new user can start from the party mode and make his way all the way to the companionship mode. Racquet Sports Wii game guarantees fun for everybody.

The characters are completely customized. You can also try different looks and accessories to create your own identity. The Racquet Sports Wii game comes with many different modes to play. Total there are 6 modes so you can choose which ever criteria suits you the best. Details of the modes are given below:

Quick Match: The Quick Match can be played between one to four players. It has limited options of location and time space allocated for it is also lower than the rest of the modes.

Around the World: It can be played either alone or two players can play it. The choices on locations is more.

Party Mode: This is the most fun filled mode. The rules are lenient. You can have a fun filled game by playing with balls or birdies. When you are tired of played you can just hit each other with the balls. Up to four players can play the game.

Championship Mode: Players can play at least six matches to see who wins the competition.

Tournament: four players can compete with each other to win a trophy at the end.