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How to Remove McAfee Antivirus Using McAfee Removal Tool

The article intends to help users remove McAfee antivirus using the McAfee removal tool. The method(s) described in the article are reliable and correct to the date. Make sure that you follow the instructions carefully to remove McAfee antivirus from your system.

McAfee antivirus is one among the pioneer programs in the world of security packages designed for desktop or laptop computers. You may want to uninstall McAfee antivirus from your computer for a number of reasons including the trial version expired, you want to install another security program, or McAfee is conflicting with another program in your computer etc. Though McAfee antivirus can be removed easily, sometimes it may not just remove and give you hard time when you try to do so.

In that case, you can choose to call up the paid McAfee technical support and get McAfee antivirus uninstalled or download and run the McAfee removal tool to perform the uninstallation. Below are the step by step instructions that will help you get rid of McAfee antivirus on your own.


Click on the Start menu, go to Control Panel, and double click on Add or Remove Programs. If you are using Windows 7 or Vista, then click on the Start Search menu, type Programs and Features, and hit Enter on the keyboard.

When the window populates all the programs, locate McAfee Security Center or McAfee Antivirus, and click on Change/Remove (Windows 7/Vista users click on the Uninstall button). When prompted for a confirmation, click on Yes or Continue (whatever you see there to continue the removal procedure). Wait until the process finishes and Windows prompts you to reboot. It may also reboot automatically when the uninstallation completes.

When Windows has rebooted fully, connect to the internet, and download MCPR.exe file from McAfee Official Website. Click on the Save File button and move the downloaded file to desktop or your favorite location from the Downloads folder. When done, double click on the MCPR.exe file and click on Run. You should be logged in as an admin to your computer to run the file.

Before you run the file, ensure that all the McAfee windows are closed. Wait until the process finishes and brings up this message ‘Cleanup Successful’. Reboot your computer after receiving this message. If you don’t reboot your computer, the cleanup process will not be successful.

You can view log files before restarting the computer on the ‘Cleanup Successful’ dialog box. Click on the View Logs option on the dialog box. This will open up logs in a Notepad. Click the File tab at the top, select Save As, name the file as MCPR.uninstall.exe, and save it to your desktop or other favorite location. Reboot your computer when done saving the file.

Now contact your McAfee tech support representative and give him the log file details that you saved to your computer. The rep will then check whether McAfee antivirus and it traces have been removed completely from your computer or not.

Additional Tips:

McAfee Removal tool does not support Windows ME and Windows 98. It only works on Windows 7, Vista, and XP.